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Case Studies | Oct 05

How to prepare for an Apprenticeship interview

When the time comes to finish school or college, it can be hard to know what to do in the future. If further or higher education is the path you would like to choose then you could be faced with the decision of going to university to get a degree verse gaining an apprenticeship to earn while you learn. Therefore, it is worth considering all your options and discovering which is the best route for you. Apprenticeships combine both practical and theoretical elements whilst earning a salary at the same time. It enables you to gain a real qualification and a long-term career path in a specific sector. It is a real job; you are an employee with a contract of employment and holiday leave. Apprenticeships can take between one and six years to complete depending on the one you choose. The typical trades such as construction and engineering are now not the only sectors available to choose from, with most people being surprised to hear the variety of apprenticeships that are now on offer. The ever-expanding choice of apprenticeships in business functions such as Human Resources, Law and Sales now enable young people to choose a path which will have a real impact on their experience and influence their future career. Yes, engineering is a common and traditional apprenticeship choice however it can open doors to exciting and challenging careers in a range of industries such as aerospace, marine, mechanical, energy and, many more. Engineers are essential in almost every industry, therefore there are always opportunities to choose from. When you have made the decision to choose an apprenticeship, you will need to apply as you would for any other job. Like all jobs, there are many stages leading up to a successful offer of employment. To be successful for an Engineering apprenticeship, you may be required to carry out screening checks, psychometric testing, interviews and attend an assessment day. These stages give you the chance to find out more about the company, the people who work there, and the job itself. Interview TipsTo support you on your journey, we have created a list of helpful tips and advice that we feel are important and will help you prepare for the interviews and assessment day:Always research the company Whether this is looking at their website, social media platforms, or blogs, always know the company’s history and what they are up to. Present yourself as if you are already part of the team. Know why you want to do this apprenticeship and work for the business Think about your future and what you want to achieve, explain how an apprenticeship will support your ambitions. Also, what interests you about the company you are applying for. Research the apprenticeship you have applied for You need to understand what will be required from you for the apprenticeship and how you can transfer other relevant skills and adapt them to the current role you are applying for. Always use examples.e.g. Working in a shop which taught you how to deal with different personalities/people. Prepare your questions to ask the company at the end of an interview You should always be prepared to have some questions you would like to ask; this will show you are interested in the job and the company you are applying for. e.g., After completing the apprenticeship what opportunities will be available within the company?Always be enthusiastic about what you are applying for and the industry Show why this apprenticeship interests you, you may have a hobby or be fascinated by fictional programs but demonstrate this in the interview. Practice talking about yourself and in front of friends and family Work through various interview questions to help you gain confidence in answering them. Think about your goals and where you want to get to in the future In the interview, a typical question would be ‘where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time’ – prior to the interview research what jobs you are looking to progress into. For our apprentices, typically this would be an aviation maintenance engineer. Plan, whether it be for the interview or assessment day, and make sure you arrive on timeAlways arrive 10 minutes early and make sure you look at your route in advance to allow for traffic.Come prepared Always bring a hard copy of your CV and details of the apprenticeship you applied for, this will give you something to refer to if you need a little help. After the interview has taken place, the employer normally gives you an estimated date for when to expect a response to whether you are successful or not. Thanks, them for their time, and always make sure you check your emails and double-check your phone works for voicemail if you can’t answer. How We Can HelpResource Training Solutions has been delivering Engineering Apprenticeships for over 17 years and has an established reputation as the leading training provider for the aviation industry with an illustrious client base and the highest level of accreditations. Being industry embedded, our dedicated Apprenticeship team can provide a fully managed service to recruit, train and deploy apprentices through a full career path. Our specialist recruitment team provides the support and guidance you need to hopefully become successful with our apprenticeship offering. If you would like to find out further information about the recruitment services we offer and our step-by-step guide from when you submit your CV and the final assessment day please visit our full recruitment process here: 

Image for blog post Resource Group enter partnership with Hans Airways, a new UK start-up airline to deliver recruitment services for its A330 fleet.

Insights | Aug 26

Resource Group enter partnership with Hans Airways, a new UK start-up airline to deliver recruitment services for its A330 fleet.

​Resource Group are excited to announce a newly formed partnership with the UK start-up airline, Hans Airways. Resource Group have started the recruitment process for the flight crews needed to support Hans Airways path towards gaining its UK Air Operator Certificate (AOC) later this year. Resource Group’s UK subsidiary, Contractair will work alongside Hans Airways in hiring Captains, First Officers and Training Captains required to fly its planned fleet of A330-200s. Contractair has a long history of providing dedicated support to the commercial and VIP aviation markets with an added focus on the quality of personnel that such operations require. “We welcome Hans Airways to our ever-expanding portfolio of airline partners and we look forward to helping them on their start-up journey,” comments Robin Hepworth, Business Manager at Resource Group. “We have been serving the recruitment and resourcing needs of the aviation and aerospace sector for more than 40 years and we are confident of maintaining a strong relationship with Hans Airways as its network expands.”“This recruitment agreement is a well-timed development as we prepare to launch our direct non-stop flights to India later in 2021,” says Nathan Burkitt, Director Flight Operations and Crew Training at Hans Airways. “It will allow the leadership team to focus on our launch preparations while at the same time filling the essential flight crew roles that we need. Resource Group brings decades of invaluable experience in this field, having worked with the likes of British Airways, Virgin Atlantic and easyJet, to name but a few of their other airline partners.”Hans Airways are delivering on their promise to sign with well-recognised third-party suppliers and Resource Group look forward to sourcing its first flight crew in readiness for the start of operations in late 2021. “Our intention from the beginning has been to work with industry-leading partners, like Resource Group, who are recognised as best in class at what they do. This strategy will continue as we move closer to launch,” adds Burkitt. For further details please visit: /

Image for blog post Resource Group launch new Employment and Recruitment Solutions website

Insights | Aug 15

Resource Group launch new Employment and Recruitment Solutions website

​Resource Group is thrilled to announce the launch of its new website, . Due to continuous business growth, we have decided to expand our current website from a single site to a new structure that provides our customers and clients with tailored platforms to cater to their individual needs. ‘We are happy at the launch of the new website, and we look forward to clients and candidates exploring our extensive range of services and solutions. The expansion of a new website aligns with our company’s growth and I look forward to the full website restructure.’ Jon Ruckwood, Director of Operations.Our new Employment Solutions website features dedicated pages for both clients and candidates. Our site is customised with unique tags and categories, making it quick and intuitive for candidates to search and filter jobs in their relevant specialisations. A large proportion of our users will access our site via mobile, therefore we have ensured that we have a responsive website design for both desktop and mobile. Content, design, and performance have been optimised for the best user experience across all devices. Resource Group would like to invite you to explore our new website whether you are a candidate searching for a new opportunity or a client who is interested in solutions such as human resource-based services, international payroll and outsourcing solutions.

Image for blog post Join Resource Group's Whatsapp groups to receive live job updates

Insights | Apr 28

Join Resource Group's Whatsapp groups to receive live job updates

​In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we want as many individuals within our industry to be updated on how they can receive live updates from us.We have previously set up a number of WhatsApp groups that enable us to update candidates with live notifications. These groups are used as a platform for us to share new job vacancies and opportunities. It is an easy way for candidates to reply via WatsApp and we have found this to be a great tool for quick communication.For further information on the below WhatsApp groups and how to access please contact the following individuals:Jon Ruckwood: Cottrell:

Image for blog post Resource Group's Spanish office thank local health care professionals for their tremendous effort during the coronavirus outbreak

Insights | Apr 28

Resource Group's Spanish office thank local health care professionals for their tremendous effort during the coronavirus outbreak

​Our Spanish team, based in Madrid, wanted to thank the local health care professionals for the tremendous job they are doing every day, especially during the coronavirus outbreak. The team has gathered packages of sweets and chocolate to give the staff from Alcalá de Henares Public Hospital. They have also put together a package of collateral items that may be of use to the staff such as earplugs, eyeshades, and water bottles. All to be delivered this week.Credit must go to Ana’s Ortego daughter who did not hesitate to get involved and created a piece of artwork to give to the hospital staff as a sign of gratitude and appreciation detailing our best wishes for their health and safety. As you can see, she looks forward to seeing aeroplanes over Madrid again soon!Resource Group hopes this small gesture brightened the day of the staff from Alcalá de Henares Public Hospital.

Image for blog post Resource Group sees boom in interest around aircraft ferry and technical support

Insights | Mar 16

Resource Group sees boom in interest around aircraft ferry and technical support

With some European airlines grounding their entire fleets, and others keeping only a few key aircraft ready to perform repatriation flights and fly critical cargo around the world, COVID19 is presenting challenges to airlines in the extreme. Resource Group is doing what it can to support not only the efforts of airlines but also stakeholders in the aircraft leasing and financing sectors to organise the efficient preservation, ferrying, maintenance and return to service of their assets.Repositioning of aircraft, engine, battery, systems maintenance and weather protection are all areas which we are being asked to support. Jonathan Price, Resource Group COO, reflects that “it is uplifting to see, that, even during these dark times, we are able to give our clients what support they do need at the right price when financial pressure is so present in the sector. We have found that inventiveness is in no short supply driven by the necessities of the pandemic situation. Our staff are really doing the business proud by thinking outside the box and exploring all possible options to support our clients through providing expert advice and by placing the resources required despite the challenging logistics involved”OneCallResource Group’s worldwide aircraft movement and ferry service, primarily catering for the needs of airlines, leasing companies and banks, is ready and waiting to support the movement of your aircraft 24-7-365 with ICAO, EASA or FAA licensed crews, covering the majority of aircraft types.Resource Group has experience in ferrying fleets of up to 30 aircraft across continents for single clients. We provide ops support, flight planning, resourcing and logistical support for aircraft movements of any number, of any type.Aircraft Storage and Return to Service: Technical SupportIn response to the number of aircraft which have been taken out of service (and often stored away from our client’s main maintenance hubs), we are offering efficient and flexible manpower packages to assist with storage, preservative maintenance, return to service and borescope.Please contact us today to discuss your needs and find out how we can tailor a solution to address your exact requirements.Email: +44 (0) 1256 368 500

Image for blog post Paying Staff Correctly: Complications in the time of COVID-19

Insights | Mar 16

Paying Staff Correctly: Complications in the time of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted us all on a global scale. As well as serious implications for people’s health, COVID-19 has and continues to significantly impact businesses and the economy. After seven months of responding and reacting to the pandemic, we are all learning how to adapt, provide solutions, and move forward with our ‘new normal’. The focus has now shifted to supporting staff with a complicated phased return to work whilst acknowledging the required changes that are ahead of us.As businesses and staff start to settle in again, areas of required improvements have emerged because of the pandemic. Many organisations are now recognising that their payroll and processes need adapting at the very least. Reasons such as lack of understanding of legislation, increased workload, absences, reduced inherent experience and increase in human errors are all examples of why normally straightforward payrolls may have struggled through the pandemic.Companies that still carry out payroll processes internally have been significantly affected, compared to those that have outsourced their payroll. Payroll is an area of the business which must function effectively and efficiently. It can be complex and time-consuming, it can also carry a huge risk of error. These few examples are why organisations historically chose to outsource their payroll.In a recent survey of decision-makers, Zellis* found that nearly a third of organisations have lost capacity in their payroll function due to pressure caused by the COVID-19 outbreak. They cited a number of causes including the lack of confidence from payroll teams, lack of access to infrastructure and resources at home, managing short-term changes and worries of losing essential payroll to staff to illness or absence.Businesses under normal circumstances choose to outsource their payroll, however with the new added pressure of the pandemic and the uncertainty of the long-term impact, developing a relationship with an outsourced partner can help besieged payroll departments overcome these challenges.All of the above should now pose the question – could outsourcing for your payroll be the best solution for your Company?The goal is to remove any challenges and to ensure that your payroll is run smoothly and efficiently.Remember the benefits of outsourcing include:• Save on time and cost• Reduced stress• Access the latest technology• Guaranteed compliance• Avoid mistakes• Access to a team of experts• Provides cash flow visibility• Increase productivity• Enhanced securityWith over 40 years of experience in international payroll solutions, Resource Group is confident we can help advise struggling companies to make the most of the opportunities that are still available, even during this crisis. Now is the time to prepare for the new dawn ahead.For further information on how our team can support you with outsourcing your payroll, contact us via email:​*