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How to Make your LinkedIn Profile Grab the Attention of a Recruiter

  • Publish Date: Posted over 2 years ago
  • Author:by Resource Group

LinkedIn is one of the best locations online where you can search for your next job. Recruiters know that LinkedIn is an environment where motivated professionals connect and engage, that is why they use it every day! 72% of recruiters use the platform to find or vet job candidates. Therefore, it is best practice for your profile to be up-to-date because it shows who you are and puts you in the spotlight.

You need to stand out from the crowd. LinkedIn provides you with the platform to showcase your skills and experience to encourage recruiters and organisations to contact you and hopefully offer you employment. So utilize it!

We have put together a list of top tips on how to improve your LinkedIn profile:

Understand your audience

Firstly, you need to think about what sort of people you want to attract to your LinkedIn, which changes dependant on the type of job that would be of interest to you. You will then need to create your career path and what factors apply to you. Things to consider are the people you are trying to impress - friends, clients, or executives. Depending on who they are will depend on how you would tailor your messaging.

Change your introduction

Making changes to your introduction, for example, your location in your contact information can go a long way to get you noticed. Other sections to consider changing are: 

  • A new profile photo

  • Background photo

  • Add a headline - this section appears just under your name

 What section to spend most of your time on

The section you need to spend your time on is the summary, which is found at the top of your LinkedIn page and is always seen first. The summary section is for you to define what your role entails and expand on why you carry out these tasks. It is always about the first impression here, and you should demonstrate your strengths and why you are different from others with what skills you have.

Another tactic to impress is adding a mission statement or a purpose, allowing others to see the direction you would like to lead in life and your career.

Show what you have achieved

LinkedIn is not another platform for you to showcase your CV. You need to demonstrate how you have impacted a company and what changes you made to achieve the result. Once you have shown this, you can describe how you accomplished the final result.

If you are unable to think of ideas, visit here to see some ideas:


Pictures can tell your story a lot more than words can. Therefore, if you can demonstrate what you do for a living through photos, videos, presentations, or websites, this will help show your achievements. The best place to feature these examples is your summary/work experience.

Recommendations section

As per any outcome, you always need to show you can back it up and, the best way to achieve this is on LinkedIn by people leaving recommendations. Which usually helps to back up everything you achieved and explain what it is like to work with you. It is also beneficial to gain recommendations from people across several departments as they can show different types of interactions they have had with you.

If you are asking for senior managers to write a recommendation about you then it would probably be best for you to create a first draft, to which they can adapt and change to sound more like themselves. This can also be beneficial as they will only focus on what you would like them to.

Resource group - our recruitment team

At Resource Group our Aviation Technical Recruitment and Flight Crew divisions are staffed with managers and consultants from various aviation & aerospace backgrounds, with skills and experience related to the operation, maintenance, and production of fixed-wing and rotary aircraft. Meaning, we fully understand your recruitment needs and deliver the right solutions at the highest standards – providing you with the right people, first time round.

Our teams regularly search LinkedIn for suitable candidates based on their job titles and experience shown on their LinkedIn profiles. In addition, if someone has also sent their CV to the recruiter to apply for a job, they will double-check their LinkedIn profile matches their CV.

As times are moving forward, recruiters are using LinkedIn more and more to recruit new staff. Therefore, you should keep it regularly updated with current work experience. Your profile is all about you and enables you to demonstrate your strengths and show why you are different from other candidates.