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Resource Group sees boom in interest around aircraft ferry and technical support

  • Publish Date: Posted 6 months ago
  • Author:by Resource Group

With some European airlines grounding their entire fleets, and others keeping only a few key aircraft ready to perform repatriation flights and fly critical cargo around the world, COVID19 is presenting challenges to airlines in the extreme. Resource Group is doing what it can to support not only the efforts of airlines but also stakeholders in the aircraft leasing and financing sectors to organise the efficient preservation, ferrying, maintenance and return to service of their assets.

Repositioning of aircraft, engine, battery, systems maintenance and weather protection are all areas which we are being asked to support. Jonathan Price, Resource Group COO, reflects that “it is uplifting to see, that, even during these dark times, we are able to give our clients what support they do need at the right price when financial pressure is so present in the sector. We have found that inventiveness is in no short supply driven by the necessities of the pandemic situation. Our staff are really doing the business proud by thinking outside the box and exploring all possible options to support our clients through providing expert advice and by placing the resources required despite the challenging logistics involved”


Resource Group’s worldwide aircraft movement and ferry service, primarily catering for the needs of airlines, leasing companies and banks, is ready and waiting to support the movement of your aircraft 24-7-365 with ICAO, EASA or FAA licensed crews, covering the majority of aircraft types.

Resource Group has experience in ferrying fleets of up to 30 aircraft across continents for single clients. We provide ops support, flight planning, resourcing and logistical support for aircraft movements of any number, of any type.

Aircraft Storage and Return to Service: Technical Support

In response to the number of aircraft which have been taken out of service (and often stored away from our client’s main maintenance hubs), we are offering efficient and flexible manpower packages to assist with storage, preservative maintenance, return to service and borescope.

Please contact us today to discuss your needs and find out how we can tailor a solution to address your exact requirements.


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