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​Acknowledging the Impact of Women in Aviation on International Women's Day

  • Publish Date: Posted 4 months ago
  • Author:by Resource Group

Every year on 8th March, we celebrate International Women's Day to recognise and praise the accomplishments of women in social, economic, cultural, and political spheres. This day reminds us of the advancements in promoting gender equality, fostering a moment to appreciate the strides taken and motivating collective efforts for a more inclusive and fair global society. Within the aviation sector, women have significantly progressed, removing barriers and defying stereotypes to emerge as leaders in various fields.

On this International Women’s Day and every day, Resource Group recognises the outstanding accomplishments of women in aviation and appreciates the inspiring female leaders within our organisation who persistently contribute to progress and innovation.

Our Recruitment Team

Our outstanding account managers and recruitment team go above and beyond to find the most suitable candidates for their clients. Rebecca Cottrell, Daniella Howard, Tasmin Walton, Frances Cooremans, Aurore Bothorel, Ana Ortego, Andrea Sanchez, Gloria Bulnes, Estrella Gutierrez, Paula Gutierrez, Alicia Portero, Nuria Soriana, Iratxe Jaen, Sara Agenjo and Eleanor Martin, are responsible for the recruitment of all our clients’ positions in the aviation industry. They are from various aviation & aerospace backgrounds with skills and experience related to the operation, maintenance and production of fixed-wing and rotary aircraft. This means we fully understand our clients' recruitment needs and can deliver the right solutions at the highest standards.

Rachael Allott and Beth O’Sullivan form our HR department. They always support our staff members and the business with all aspects of the employee lifecycle including recruitment, professional development and performance management; utilising data monitoring and analysis systems, as well as policy/process review and development, to offer strategic input to support company culture and legal compliance.

On this International Women's Day, we extend our appreciation to these remarkable women for their valuable contributions to our company and the aviation industry. Their leadership, dedication, and expertise are an inspiration, and we take immense pride in having them as integral members of Resource Group.