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Trusted in Recruitment

  • Publish Date: Posted about 3 years ago
  • Author:by Resource Group

A client of ours approached us after talking to a number of recruitment companies seeking support to locate specific skills within the aviation maintenance sector for an old aircraft type, only used by a couple of companies worldwide. The opportunity occurred during a positive time for the aviation market, thus resulting in many possibilities for engineers to transition the new aircraft types.

Before working with Resource Group, the client struggled to get success with the requirement. Many businesses had claimed it was an impossible task however if the remuneration was boosted there may be a possibility. Resource Group is proud at providing expert solutions, therefore we worked closely with the client and provided guidance on the following approach.

We suggested that the client created a pool of candidates which would also result in engineers building a profile in real-time. This would then enable the client to match the expectations of the engineers during the process. The approach provided interesting data such as many individuals with the skillset required were seeking to move to a sunny location during the summer and were able to pause their contracts for 4-6 months.

As we continued to process the pool of candidates, we made deeper investigations which resulted in us working with the client to make the offer more attractive to the candidates by considering relocation with a partner or family. Within the company perspective, they were given facts on to the status of these skills instead of being inflexible thus resolving the problem.

This approach facilitated the assessment of a future BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) approach for a full recruitment solution outsourced from the client.