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TAG Compliant Payroll – Ireland

  • Publish Date: Posted about 3 years ago
  • Author:by Resource Group

With 40 years of accumulated experience in providing -payroll and employment solutions to our clients, Resource Group is proud to have a Blue Chip list of clients for whom we employ and manage flight crew. TAG Aviation is one such client, who we have worked on a full-time basis for 15 years.

 In 2019, TAG Aviation (UK) Ltd. was requested to take on the management of an Irish-based private jet. One of the stipulations was that the Irish-based crew were also to be engaged, in a compliant and ‘in country’ way, essentially as the aircraft would be based and operate out of Ireland.  This means adhering to all the Employment, Tax and Social Insurance requirements that an Irish-based company would have to provide as the Employer in Ireland.

 TAG Aviation turned to Resource Group to assist.

 Resource Group is able to set up compliant employment management and payrolls in jurisdictions where our clients are either unable to, or simply where it is financially unviable to do so, as we already have the infrastructure in place to be able to set up and run at a much reduced cost -base. Also, due to our unparalleled experience in managing such multi -jurisdiction requirements, TAG immediately benefits from, in effect, having an already ‘mature’ employment process in country, meaning that they will not face many of the ‘hidden’ issues that are common for Companies when setting up in a new country.

 With our current registration as a legal employer in Ireland, and a payroll system that is able to adhere to all State tax, social insurance and pension contributory schemes (including the ability to be able to transfer the current crew seamlessly from their current Irish employer), TAG was able to complete the transfer of the Aircraft Management Contract within days, without any worries of the problems of employment of the crew.

A major win for all sides.