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Optimisation of the Recruitment Budget

  • Publish Date: Posted almost 3 years ago
  • Author:by Resource Group

With a wealth of expertise in aviation-based human resources, our complete range of HR services provides our clients with the right services to achieve strategic goals in employee satisfaction, retention, and development, whilst reducing fixed HR costs. At various points, we would work with one of our regular clients to recruit specific roles for them. Their HR department was saturated and struggled with capacity, therefore they relied on us when needed.

The client kept growing but the department was structured in a way that all employees were involved in all fronts of the recruitment and resourcing process. Therefore, the team was not specialised in key areas which could result in further success. Within one of the requests, we explained to the client that their current approach was not cost-effective and by outsourcing all recruitment on a fixed fee and a pay-for-use basis it would be much cheaper for them with better results.

We are known as experts in meeting client expectations, and we have the global presence to identify candidates who best match the client and work requirements and who are motivated to maintain their performance with a lifetime commitment. With our ability to offer a full suite of recruitment services, we entered a contract with the client which was reviewed on a quarterly basis and adapted to suit their operations and recruitment activities.