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A Corporate Responsible Service

  • Publish Date: Posted about 3 years ago
  • Author:by Resource Group

Rising to the challenge of a crisis is nothing new to organisations within the aviation and aerospace industry however, the impact of COVID-19 on our sector has been tremendous. The actions that businesses take during these times are crucial resulting in clients adapting and adjusting to the new environment.

During the last crisis, the traffic decreased on average 40%, with low expectations of an immediate recovery. These circumstances led to the unfortunate journey of companies having to make difficult decisions to maintain the core of the business and remain in the air. A client of ours, a known operator had to make a big adjustment in Spain and made the decision to move staff to other offices in Europe. Management was aware of the complexities of relocating all staff during these testing times, therefore they wanted to support them by having an Outplacement programme in place during this transition.

The client approached several companies for an outplacement programme however they were not searching for a generic solution. Resource Group offers tailored solutions for each client alongside a wide range of services that are adapted to your budget and needs. We were able to provide a solution that was driven by years of industry knowledge, which highlighted our understanding of roles within aviation and how to support employees to find employment during a high-stress situation.

The outplacement scheme was programmed for six months, which would enable us to work together with the client and identify job opportunities in the market. Within the first few weeks, most of the non-relocated staff were supported to find another opportunity.

Feedback from enrolled personnel was that the humanist treatment and empathy throughout the process enabled them to have the confidence and enthusiasm to choose the best options available to them and have a plan in place during their new job.